- Pseudomonas sp. strain DSMZ 13134 - 2.4 x 1010 CFU/g

- Coformulants to 100


Deposan® is a naturally occurring preventive bio-fungicide, containing the bacterium Pseudomonas sp. strain DSMZ 13134, authorized in Switzerland for controlling Silver Scab (Helmintosporium solani) in post-harvest treatment of potatoes. Deposan® is able to enhance Potatoes’ production in terms of both quantity and quality, helping farmers to achieve higher returns. Different Mode of Actions make Deposan® a reliable solution, alternative to the common chemical pesticides, or integrate in a Pest Management, to protect the crops, with a very low risk of resistances. If applied in an Integrated Pest Management during the whole crop cycle with Proradix® (application before or at sowing), Deposan® efficacy is higher.


- Preventive Bio-fungicide;
- Control of Silver scab (Helmintosporium solani) in post-harvest treatment of potatoes;
- Allowed in Organic farming, according to reg. CE 889/2008;
- Not Genetically Modified, naturally occurring;
- Several Modes of Action;
- Several Mode of Actions lead to a more difficult diseases’ development of resistances towards Deposan®;
- No residues on the crops;
- Biostimulating effect on roots, plants and fruits;
- Healthier fruits: less Nitrates and more Antioxidants;
- Integrated Pest Management: manifest its great potentiality along with chemical pesticides.


2 g/ 100 kg of seeds of potatoes (industrial application).

Type NR.Registration
Fungicide W-6912
CLP Classification Formulation

Not Classified

WP (Wettable Powder)

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